Sunday Club

Starting again Sunday 8th September. 
The Sunday Club now has two age-groups (ages 3-6 and ages 7-10). This is good news as it means we can better tailor the style and content of Sunday Club to the age of the children. We hope this will stimulate and challenge them as they grow in their walk with God and encourage greater commitment.

Lorraine Booth continues to be the overall Sunday Club Leader (01244 335331), with Lorraine and Sue Simpson the Group Leaders for each group respectively.
A wish of many parents is that the transition to ‘grown-up’ church will be easy and natural. Our commitment as a church, with the support of you as parents, is that we will work hard to introduce them to church songs/hymns, getting them familiar with good church practice, and helping them to grow in their knowledge of God. Please also pray for those leading and assisting in each group.

If you are interested in serving at Sunday Club, do talk to Jules the first instance.

On a practical note, please remember to drop your child(ren) off between 10 and 10.10 am at the Burley Hall. This will give you time to join us in church and enable the groups to start on time. Please also remember to register your children if you haven’t already done so and update any special needs if necessary. And finally, if you are staying around for refreshments afterwards in the hall please encourage your children to stay at the far (stage) end of the hall to avoid accidents with hot drinks. Many thanks!

The material we use is ‘Click’ from the Good Book Company.